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  • bending machine

    Bending machine

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    Bending machine

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    Bending machine

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    Prisms and press knives

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    Prisms and press knives

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    Bended part

We have Trumpf CNC press (TrumaBend V 1700 S). Our press is from a new generation and we can offer you the possibility of folding extremely complex parts. The bending strength is up to 170 tons and the range of sheet metal we can bend is up to 4 meters. We offer more than 60 different types of knives and 40 types of prismes. All bends and boundaries are defined in program mode.

In bending, the most common forms are the so-called U, V and Z bending. In this type of bending, characteristic for serial production, processing is done on one or more tools, specially designed for performing these operations. Bending has certain limitations regarding the size of the bending radius. Too small values of the bending radius cause very intense deformation and may be the cause of the destruction of the material. In the case of excessive bending radius, plastic deformation may occur, i.e. that the deformation remains in the domain of the elastic region.

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