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  • cnc lathe

    CNC Lathe

  • revolver head of lathe

    Revolver head of Lathe

  • parts made with lathe

    Parts made with Lathe

  • manually controled lathe

    Manually controled Lathe

Based on our many years of experience in precision metal processing, we are able to make the most demanding machine elements on lathe. We have two machines:

  1. CNC Lathe
  2. Manually controled Lathe
We can offer you our services on these machines.
The machine has a revolver head with 8 tools. Ø of workpiece is 500mm.

CNC Lathe EMCO meets customer needs for productive and efficient processing. High precision and high spindle speed are achieved by the production of high technology. Our Lathe is designed for serial production and for more complex requirements.

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