About us

STIRG METAL D.O.O. opened in 2011 as  a branch of the Austrian company STIRG METALL Be- und Verarbeitungs GmbH.

Using modern technology and professional staff, we develop and produce various metal components. We offer our clients various kinds of services in the field of metal processing.

To meet the high demands and expectations of our customers, as well as to maintain our belief that quality and reliability of our products and services are the main goal, we meet a number of internationally recognized standards. ( ISO9001: 2008, EN ISO-3834- 2, DIN EN 15085-2, EN 1090-2, DIN 6701-2, class A3 in preparation).

Since the founding of our company, we continuously improve and expand our portfolio and our capacities, constantly adapting them to changes in the needs of our customers.

Our strength is our flexibility in interacting with modern technologies. As a result, we successfully implement projects, starting from design and engineering, production of prototypes and pilot series, to the implementation of large-scale production.

One of the advantages for our customers - first hand solutions!

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